IPCOP – Cómo cambiar el puerto de gestión HTTPS

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IPCop 140 Https Port Howto

Changing the Web Interface Port

In version 1.4.8 a commandline utility was added to allow Users to change the secure web interface port. Some ISPs block the default 445 port. You cannot change the https port number from the GUI (yet), but you can proceed using the command:

root@cop:~ # /usr/local/bin/setreservedports 5445

Only a number between 445 and 65535 is allowed. Use http and port 81 if you forget the port you changed https to.

The following files are currently modified:

  • /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
  • /home/httpd/cgi-bin/portfw.cgi
  • /var/ipcop/header.pl
  • /var/ipcop/proxy/acl
  • /var/ipcop/proxy/squid.conf

There is a debate as to whether this file should also be changed by the script:

  • /var/ipcop/xtaccess/config

which would be necessary to provide external access to IPCop. Currently (in v1.4.9 – v1.4.15) it is not changed.

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